ST. CLOUD -- Toddlers can now get a free Lego set with their visit to the doctor.

CentraCare was recently accepted as a certified clinic into the Lego/Weitzman Institute's Prescription for Play program.

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Kimberly Hughes is a Pediatrician at the CentraCare Health Plaza. She says they hope to use the toys as an ice breaker for kids and their families.

Our goal is to begin that conversation with families as well as interact with the kids while they are here during their checkups.

Hughes says they received 500 Lego Duplo sets to give to kids ages 1-3-years-old during their well visits.

She says the Prescription for Play program is all about highlighting they benefits of playing in a child's health.

Play is an important way for kids to process and destress. We hope to use it as a tool during their doctor's visit but also as something fun to do with their families.

Hughes says as part of the program, CentraCare will continue to receive a shipment of Legos for as long as they are part of the program.

As of right now, the CentraCare Plaza is the only location providing the Lego sets, however Hughes says they are looking to expand the program to multiple pediatric clinics throughout the CentraCare system.


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