OTSEGO/MONTICELLO/BECKER -- A few local parks and recreation departments are coming together to create the WOMBE Challenge.

WOMBE stands for Wright County-Otsego-Monticello-Becker.

The challenge came about for three reasons. To celebrate July being parks and recreation month, to get people out and about and foster cooperation between Otsego, Monticello and Becker.

Connie Schwecke is an Administrative Assistant in the Otsego Parks and Recreation department. She says, with the popularity of "adventure races" and different obstacle courses like Mudman and tough mudder, they wanted to create one that would be easier to handle for all fitness levels.

"The adventure races are kind of in things right now, 5K's and mud runs. So this is a challenge we're looking at to include everybody. All families and all fitness levels."

Teams will be given points based on the number of challenges they complete and their difficulty. You'll have to post photos of the completed challenge on the WOMBE facebook page.

Some of the challenges include eating a peanut butter and pickle sandwich while singing Elvis, and partake in local races, or just go and enjoy a park.

You'll have two weeks -- from July 13-29 -- to complete as many of the (secret) 40-50 challenges they've come up with. It's $10 to register a team, from two to six people. The team with the most points at the end of the two weeks will win a $500 travel voucher.

Make sure to register by July 6.

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