ST. CLOUD -- Three candidates are running for Stearns County Commissioner in District 1. Political newcomer Craig Bomgaars of St. Cloud is one of them. He and his wife moved to town in 1984. He has run a marketing firm in downtown St. Cloud for over 20 years.

He says, if he's elected, he'll take a common sense approach when making decisions.

It's a common sense approach to government, financial responsibility, and fiscal responsibility.  The county commissioners really have to be the keepers of the budget.

Bomgaars he thinks his engineering background would serve him well in the role.

I have the technical background and the problem-solving background, that's what I've been doing for 20-30 years.  A lot of it is just customer service, we're all in the customer service business when it comes down to it.

Bomgaars says he has been interviewing each of the current Stearns County Commissioners to get a better handle on the job.

Earlier this week we heard from the other two candidates Steve Gottwalt and Tarryl Clark. The top two vote-getters in the August 14th primary will move on to the general election in November.

Current District 1 commissioner Dewayne Mareck is not running for re-election.