TikTok constantly has challenges, tips for cooking, make-up, fashion and beyond. It also has lots of suggestions. Sometimes those suggestions can be really good ideas, while other times they'll make you wonder how in the world this idea ever even came to be. That was exactly the thought I had when I stumbled across the TikTok suggesting something I never would have thought about.

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The suggestion: Tip your landlord. Don't believe it? See for yourself the TikTok that has since gone viral.


@twoguystakeonrealestate When you’re paying your landlord the rent and a tipping screen appears… #investmentproperty #realestateinvesting #passiveincome ♬ Cooking Time - Lux-Inspira

Say What?

What do you think about that Minnesota? Would you ever tip your landlord? Honestly, my first thought was, isn't that called rent? A lot of people had opinions on this video and the idea of tipping your landlord. One reply immediately said "no way this isn't satire". Others had my same thought that the rent is tip enough.

While others bring up the point, if you're trying to compare this to a server, a lot of them don't get paid much. Putting it into perspective just a little bit. In Minnesota servers get at least minimum wage, but at $10.59 an hour and forty hours a week that totals a little over $1600 a month, and that's not with taxes taken out, so tips are truly appreciated at that point. (I'm not good at math so don't judge me and my math skills please)

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Not saying I don't appreciate what my rental company does for me. Because I do. However, I am also paying for everything from rent, electric, internet, water, sewer, garbage and more. It used to be that rent covered a lot of that, but things keep changing. Especially after COVID. What I'm hoping though is that it doesn't change so much that landlords really do expect a tip.

What do you think, would you tip your landlord on a monthly basis? Share your opinion or thoughts via our app.

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