ST. PAUL -- Minnesota prosecutors are pushing a bill that would allow them to carry guns. Current law prevents them from carrying firearms while on the job.

The bill has passed through a House committee and comes a month after Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell was shot by a man he prosecuted.

Benton County Attorney Robert Raupp says the effort to change the law started before the shooting, but it changed the way he thought about it.  He said it opened his eyes to the fact that many rural counties have minimal, if any, security.

Raupp says it's doubtful he would carry a gun but says he'd like the option.

Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall wouldn't say whether she would choose to be armed but agreed that she should have the option.

The House committee also passed a bill enhancing criminal penalties for assaulting or killing a prosecutor.

Both bills will now head to the full House for a floor vote.