What's the scariest part of October for you? Haunted Houses? For opponents to the Minnesota Vikings, it's facing Kirk Cousins, the calendar has turned to Kirk-Tober and after the Vikings Monday Night Football win over the 49ers, the legend of Kirk Cousins continues to grow in the month of October.

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I recently saw a stat that made my eyeballs pop in regards to Captain Kirk and opponents. If Kirk beats you in the regular season you don't have a chance in the post-season.

I'm not sure you can see that sentence below 'Cousins Curse', but it reads:

No team has lost to Kirk Cousins and played in the Super Bowl the same year

I don't think NFL fans had any ideas that the Carolina Panthers or the Chicago Bears were Super Bowl-bound this year, but fans of the San Francisco 49ers, better hope they can break the 'Cousins Curse'.

I have to think that this statistic holds some water, before Cousins was in Minnesota he was in D.C. and those teams were OK, just like the Vikings are an OK football team.

Alas, I dug deep on the internet and turned up ONE team that played in the Super Bowl after being beaten by Cousins.

Except in 2012, when Kirk Cousins defeated the Baltimore Ravens whilst completing a stellar 100% of his pass attempts and having a perfect 158.3 passer rating. Not joking. Look it up.

In the 2013 Super Bowl, the Ravens beat the 49ers 34-31.

Apparently, it's just purple teams that are immune from the Cousins Curse.

Thanks, 3-year-old Reddit feed.

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