In today’s episode of “Mess Around and Find Out”, we have a shoplifter’s escape blocked by a well-thrown bottle of pop.

I spent FAR too much time this afternoon trying to determine when or where this video was recorded to no avail. So, I can’t vouch for the authenticity, but I can vouch for the hilarity of the scene.

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Judging only by the video, a shoplifter is making a break for the door and is being blocked by a security guard and a well-placed line of shopping carts. We all know this can’t last forever...

Until, sneaking into the scene from the right, an employee walks up holding a two-liter bottle of pop. In a throw that would make Kirk Cousins stand up and cheer, the employee clocks the shoplifter in the head, laying him out flat.

What do you think the reward (or punishment) should be? Let me know by emailing me here!

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