WAITE PARK -- A locally owned burger restaurant in Waite Park is exploring their options, including selling the business, after announcing a temporary closure earlier this week.

On Tuesday, World Burger Company announced they were in a temporary closure due to owner/operator medical health issues.

Owners Ken and Tracy Rittmuller stated in a news release Thursday, Tracy suffers from chronic pain disorder, which prevents her from having the stamina to keep up with the demands of operating the restaurant together, which was their vision for the business.

Ken Rittmueller says they are optimistic World Burger Company will be closed only temporarily, however they are actively exploring other options.

"When I originally designed the concept it wasn't my intention to be the operator myself. So we're talking to various people who may be interested in being the operator of a World Burger franchise and we would like to see that happen," says Rittmueller.

The restaurant features world themed burgers, homemade buns and 100% certified Angus beef.

He says the support they have received since opening has been really heartwarming.

"People have been so great, they've brought their friends in, they've even stood up in the dinning room and said awesome things about the food so others eating could hear," says Rittmueller.

Rittmueller says with careful health management, his wife Tracy, expects to be mostly recovered in about four to six months.

He says he hopes to still be involved in the Waite Park location in some form should the business sell.

At this time it is unknown how long the restaurant will be closed.

World Burger Company opened back in October in the Sundial Village mall at 631 2nd Street South in Waite Park.