A new study has determined local colleges are among the least fashionable campuses in the nation.

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StyleSeat looked at over 6,000 photos of college students at America’s most popular colleges and universities. Here’s what they found:

  • The most fashionable campuses: are San Diego State University, Temple University, and Louisiana State University.
  • The least fashionable: University of Wisconsin at Madison, Virginia Tech, and the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.
  • The coziest campus, boasting the most loungewear and sweatpants: The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.
  • The most fashionable footwear: Duke University.

In defending their picks, editors at StyleSeat say climate isn’t the sole influencer, but did note that northern colleges did score poorly.

Perhaps that’s why the University of Minnesota ranked first in Coziest Campus. The editor’s criteria for this category:

Picture this: biker shorts paired with an oversized tee or the classic sweatpants-and-hoodie combo. It’s the sort of attire you’d reach for on a laid-back day, prioritizing ease and relaxation.

Leading our list of cozy campuses is the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Given its colder climate, it’s no surprise that students opt for snug, warm loungewear. Following closely is the University of Washington, where perhaps the city’s rainy reputation nudges its scholars toward softer, more comfortable choices.

What are you saying? San Diego State and Temple students don’t have to worry about catching frostbite between classes and, as a result, can be more fashionable.

To read more about the top colleges, and the methodology behind the picks, find the story here.



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