WAITE PARK -- United Way of Central Minnesota held their annual Bus Pull Tuesday at the Cash Wise in Waite Park.

United Way recruits businesses to put together teams of 12 people to pull a Metro bus 60 feet as fast as they can.

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Jessica Houle is United Way's Vice President of Development and Community Engagement. She says the event is a good way for people to meet the United Way community.

It creates a lot of really fun playful kind of bantering, and a little competition with each other. That's the best part is seeing these teams having fun.

Businesses paid $200 to participate. United Way's Events and Brand Manager, Sam Switzer, says all of the money from the event goes to supporting United Way's missions.

All funds raised support United Way as a whole. So, our three focus areas of education, health, and financial stability, money that's going right back into the community. Both from their registration fees as well as some additional fund raising for some additional perks during the event. And, it's a great way for our community to get together.


Houle says they focus on education, health, and financial stability.

Clay Conover, Townsquare Media
Clay Conover, Townsquare Media

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