ST. CLOUD -- After thirty years of giving stray animals a place to call home, the Tri-County Humane Society is looking for their new forever home.

With lack of space, worn out floors, old roofing and an HVAC system in need of repair, leadership is strongly considering building a new facility.

Executive Director Vicki Davis says the old shelter has served its purpose, but no longer meets the needs of today's standards.

It's starting to fall a part. I don't think it's wise to reinvest too much money repairing the facility as we are patch jobbing and limping along.

She says they are looking at building a new $3.5 - $4-million facility which would not only provide the best animal care practices but be built right behind their current shelter.

It's going to be right on the property, we don't have to think about buying more land as we have enough on site. So when they are done building we will just move over and move in.

Davis says they are still in the early stages and no official designs have been finalized. She says with a job this size, and with so many people and animals affected, they want to make sure they do it right.

We're doing so much more for the animals now. We have educational programs, we are doing surgeries on animals, which is something we never used to do, so now we need this space.

Davis says they hope to begin fundraising soon and if all goes well begin construction by next fall. Once a new shelter is built the old shelter would be torn down.

The current shelter was built in 1989 and an addition was built in 2000.

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