The Final Four of the National Number Knockout Math Competition

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Eleven-year-old Noah Masih from Clearwater took third place in the National Number Knockout math competition.

Thirty-three students ages 14 and under competed in Orlando, Florida on March 28th for a shot at the $10,000 grand prize.

Players had one minute to roll three dice and form 36 equations based on the numbers that they rolled. Each correct equation “knocks” a number off of the board. The purpose of the game is to strengthen the players mental math skills.

To make it more difficult each player had to use a certain order of operations without the use of a calculator or scratch paper.

Masih had the second highest average score in the first round of competition. The top 16 players advanced to the second round where Masih took the highest overall average. Masih moved on to the "final four" round which was broadcast live on YouTube.

Thirteen-year-old Aaron Slack from Alabama took the top prize, 14-year-old Layton Estes from Kentucky came in second and Masih finished third.

The competitors were chosen from more than 600 students who auditioned for the contest.