ST. CLOUD - A recall of St. Cloud city council members and the mayor is one of three options a group of residents is looking into.

John Palmer says 14 people gathered on Friday to begin the process of looking into the city's Home Rule Charter. He says the three options they are considering are a recall of elected officials, a public vote of a referendum, or a public initiative.

What we're concerned about it the lack of interest in answering and digging into looking at the economic impact and the capacity of our city to absorb additional folks under the Refugee Resettlement program.

Palmer says taking any of the three actions would be a long multi-step process, and he says they want to be deliberate.  He says future meetings will determine a name for the group and the most appropriate way to organize and take actions outlined in the city's charter.

Four council members are already scheduled to be up for reelection in November of next year.  Palmer says at this time they're not interested in recruiting candidates to run against the incumbent council members in next year's election.