MNN -- The Science Museum of Minnesota's summer-long emphasis on space is well underway.

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Karilyn Robinson with the museum says two of the most popular components so far have been the interactive "Sun, Earth, Space" and "Journey to Space" exhibits.

I was walking through them the other day it is just really cool to see kids, students, and some adults, going through and you can see them learning. And it sounds cheesy, but it is so interesting.

Robinson says the exhibits put various scientific and engineering concepts to the test to inform how we can thrive in space. Robinson says the interactive programming on display has been a hit so far with kids, students, and adults alike.

There are different engineering skills and scientific concepts that you can test and see what they look like and then you're learning about the way that impacts our ability to thrive and work in space.

The exhibitions and special space-related programming run through September 5th.

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