Need to put a smile on your face?

There are days we all could use just that and I think I have just the thing to make you smile today and it's a cute calf with unique markings that I for one have never seen before.

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Country girl here! I grew up about twenty-minutes north of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota in a small little town called Ogema. Technically, I grew up in the country. Though I grew up in the country, our family didn't farm. But with neighbors on both sides that did, I saw a lot of cows in my lifetime and not one of them ever had unique markings quite like the ones on a little calf born recently in Australia.

Looking around for a good news story for a change, rather than all the negative ones. I came across something on the Good News Network about a Holstein calf born that was named Happy. Once you see that the little guy has a smiley face marking on one side of his body, you can't help but do just that, smile. I mean just look at the cute little "Happy" calf.

Good News Network reports, one of the owners Megan Coster shared;

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We've seen some number sevens or love hearts on the head, and a few strange marking, but we've never seen anything resembles a smiley face before

When she got a photo of Happy she even thought maybe someone had graffitied parts of the smiley face on him, but turns out the unique markings are 100% real. Thanks to his cute smiley face, he will serve more as a mascot for workers and to bring joy and a smile to other people's face. Which is exactly what Happy did for me and I thought I'd pass along to you Minnesota!

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