WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken are speaking out against planned post office closings.

The two Minnesota senators joined 18 colleagues in crafting a letter to Senate leaders, urging a 6 month moratorium on proposed closings or consolidations of post offices and processing facilities.

They argue that the postal service is key in the rural communities where closures are most likely expected.

Klobuchar says Congress "needs to enact reforms to help the postal service adjust to a digital world and recognize the concerns of rural communities." Adds Senator Franken, "Congress first needs to get the US Postal Services's financial house in order and make needed reasonable reforms that preserve jobs."

Postal officials counter they can save $3 billion by 2015 by eliminating buildings, running equipment more efficiently, operating fewer mail trucks and cutting employees.

Recently, USPS proposed a cost-cutting plan to close and consolidate nearly 3,700 post offices and over 250 processing facilities around the country.

Here in Minnesota, 117 offices and four processing facilities are on that list, including the one in Waite Park. That facility currently employs about 145 people.