ROYALTON -- A Royalton woman was arrested for 1st-degree drug possession after allegedly throwing over a pound of methamphetamine out of a car during a traffic stop.

Last Wednesday, officers from the Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force were investigating a home at 6901 170th Avenue, Bellevue Township, near Royalton when a car approached the house. Officers saw the car slow down near them, then continue on.

Police followed the vehicle, watching a passenger in the car throwing a bag out of the window into a field.

Officers pulled the car over and identified the passenger as 36-year-old Heidi Austin. A search of the field found the bag thrown out of the car, officers found it had just over a pound of meth in it. A search of the car found another 1/4 pound of meth.

Stolen property was also found at the home officers initially investigated. Austin was taken to Morrison County Jail where she is charged with 1st-degree drug possession.

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