RICHMOND - Richmond has passed an ordinance that requires residences to be connected to city water.

The city passed the measure during their coucil meeting on Wednesday night. By October 1st of this year, residents will be required to connect to city water.

Residents who have sand point wells will be able to continue using them for irrigation purposes but must connect to the city water for their homes. Deep wells can continue to be used for irrigation but must be sealed when they run out.

City administrator Martin Bode says they have two main reasons for the ordinance: public health and having all residents sharing the cost of providing water.

Some property owners argued against paying more for city utilities and claimed their wells produce healthier water. Bode says the city water is tested on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure it's clean and safe.

Richmond provides water to residents from three groundwater wells.

An exception will be made for a few recently annexed properties in the city with large wells. They will have until 2020 to connect with city water.

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