ST. CLOUD -- For a few months now it seems like every time I sit down to watch TV there is one particular commercial that I see over and over again that I swear has my neighbor who lives down the street in it.

At first, I couldn't even tell you watch they were advertising, I just knew the woman looked a lot like my neighbor lady.  I kept thinking I'll eventually see her outside, or out and about around town, and I'm going to ask her, "are you in a TV commercial?".

Finally, I just decided to send Solveig Anderson, my neighbor down the street, an email and get the answer to my question once and for all, even though I already knew the answer.

Her response: (in part)

Ha-ha! I’ve been outed;) I have worked as a model talent since 2000...Yes! Is the answer.

Anderson is currently featured in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Spot.  It will continue to run through open enrollment this fall.

She says she's acted in a number of regional commercials for Target, Best Buy, Hy-Vee, several of the casinos, and others.  She also does print work and has been on some billboards down in the Twin Cities.

Anderson was even on an ABC TV series about five years ago called "In An Instant" on the episode titled "Good Guys, Bad Guys".

So how does someone start working as a model/actor?  Anderson says just look up model/talent agencies and send them your headshot.  She says they are always looking for fresh faces.  But, she says you have to be very very flexible with your schedule and be ready to go to work on little notice.

She says she practices rejection on a weekly basis.

Anderson was exclusive with NUTS for about 15 years, but multi lists now with five active agencies in Minneapolis.

Anderson has a degree in theater.  She also works at the Paramount Center for Arts in St. Cloud.

This isn't the first time I've recognized someone I know in a TV commercial.  A couple of years ago I spotted my friend Justin from Minneapolis in a spot for Menards too.

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