Winter's not here yet. But when the snow does start to fly, don't transport your snowmobile like this...

About this time last year, a Minnesota driver made headlines after being pulled over in Wisconsin for transporting his snowmobile. To be clear -- it's not just that he was transporting his snowmobile that got him a stern lecture, but rather how he was transporting it. A photo and tweet posted by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Northwest Region shows a small red Toyota Camry with Minnesota license plates...and a snowmobile on the roof.

"Folks, don’t try this at home," the tweet's caption read. "Our State Patrol friends stopped this vehicle Sunday on US 63 in Polk County because this isn’t a safe way to transport a snowmobile. If you’re transporting equipment this winter, you are advised to safely haul it secured on a trailer or in a truck."

As the photo reveals, the snowmobile is placed horizontally along the roof of the car with the skis hanging hanging well over the left side. It's not clear how the driver got the snowmobile on top of the car. Many in the comments showed their appreciation for the ridiculous stunt.

No word on if or how the driver was punished. Whatever you think, it still doesn't compare to this woman from my hometown of Dixon, Illinois who made headlines for transporting an inflatable pool -- fully inflated and with her kids in it -- on top of her car through town. You can't make this stuff up, people.

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