"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...everywhere I go..."  Now that we've got some cold and snow, things are looking more holiday-ish. And that makes all those Christmas movies and TV specials that much more fun as we countdown to Christmas, just a few weeks away now.

And that got us thinking -- what's YOUR favorite Christmas movie or TV special?

That was the subject of this morning's WJON Question of the Week.



Here's what Central Minnesota thinks about the WJON Question of the Week:

-- WJON News Director Jim Maurice likes "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and says some stores are even selling "Charlie Brown Christmas Trees" this year! He also like "Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer" -- though he, and hosts Jay Caldwell and Dave Overlund agree that classic TV special probably would never be greenlit in this day and age because all of the other reindeer bully Rudolph.

-- One phone caller liked "A Christmas Story" and "It's a Wonderful Life."  And he took the chance to talk about how Christmas has become too commercialized and thinks it needs to get back to what it used to be.

-- WJON's Dave Overlund says his family's favorite is "A Christmas Story." You'll shoot yer eye out, kid!

-- Mike the Tech Superfan says "It's a Wonderful Life" makes him cry and he's seen it hundreds of times.

-- Another caller liked the lesser-known "A Grandpa for Christmas" with Ernest Borgnine. Check it out:



Some other suggestions:

"Scrooged" with Bill Murray
"Christmas Vacation"
"White Christmas"
"Home Alone"
"Grumpy Old Men"
"Bing Crosby and David Bowie" singing the Little Drummer Boy. Check it out:



Another listener loves the Tom Wopat and John Schneider 1987 TV movie, "Christmas Comes to Willow Creek":



One listener loves the episode of West Wing called "In Excelsis Deo" where Toby honors a homeless veteran who died on a park bench around Christmas.



And here it is, the granddaddy of bad Christmas movies -- "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" from 1964.



Going way back, one listener likes "March of the Wooden Soldier" from Laurel and Hardy.



And finally, the Bing Crosby classic, "White Christmas" was a favorite of several listeners.




And what were your top three Christmas Movies or TV Specials?


"A Christmas Story"


"Christmas Vacation"

And "It's a Wonderful Life"