Ever go shopping at a giant warehouse store for one of the most common food staples ever...and come away empty handed?

That happened to my girlfriend and me on Saturday when we were shopping at the Woodbury Costco and tried to find...cold milk. Spoiler: they didn't have it.

Every Costco I've ever gone to has a cold dairy cooler and a cold produce cooler. The dairy has milk in its various forms, butter, eggs, etc. The Costco in Woodbury either doesn't have a dairy cooler, or they hid it in the back for reasons that can only be more unreasonable than just not having one.

We checked out the produce cooler and did not find milk.

The cheeses and butter were in the aisle coolers.

The only milk we found were the boxed milk cartons that are room temperature. Shelf-stable milk is fine, but it's not what we were looking for and it was downright odd that cold milk wasn't offered.

So we made an extra stop at Aldi (or Aldi's, for traditionalist Minnesotans).

What didn't help the situation was that we were both suffering from physical ailments while shopping, were hoping to get in and get out as quick as possible, but were idiots for shopping at Costco on a Saturday. Dodging other idiots who were also shopping at Costco on a Saturday didn't help.

Why were we in Woodbury in the first place? Because when you want to go thrift shopping, you shop at the thrift stores in cities with more rich people.

This has been another episode (emphasis on episode) of Choad Rage.

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