UNDATED - On Wednesday during the News @ Noon Show, I talked with author Gregg Easterbrook about his new book "The King Of Sports: Football's Impact On America".

His book is about how the sport of football has gotten out of balance in our society on all levels.  He says kids shouldn't play football until they're at least 14-years old, college football scholarships should be for six years - instead of the year-by-year basis that they're granted now, and he says Congress should step in to regulate the National Football League.  The NFL as a whole right now is listed as a non-profit organization, which means it doesn't pay taxes.

Easterbrook also has some ideas on what Congress could do, to prevent cities and states like Minnesota from having to help subsidize new stadiums.

If you missed the interview on the noon show yesterday, click on the player below and you can hear it in it's entirety.

Gregg Easterbrook also has a column on ESPN.com called Tuesday Morning Quarterback.