ST. CLOUD -- You can now avoid some of the long waiting times for dermatology services in St. Cloud.

MN SkinCare Specialists just opened in the Copper Corte II strip mall, across from Dick's Sporting Goods.

Janet Dockendorf is one of the co-owners. She says MN SkinCare Specialists is one of a kind, they use science to provide the best skin care treatments.

"There's no other group specifically like us, you have your dermatology clinics and then you have your spas. We are a medical spa so we are pretty much smack dab in the middle. We are licensed by the state of Minnesota, you're not getting somebody who doesn't have any experience with lasers or skin conditions."

Dockendorf co-owns the business with Jane Fuchs. Dockendorf is a registered nurse specializing in dermatology. Fuchs is a licensed esthetician and a licensed laser technician. Both women have been working in the dermatology field for over 20 years.

MN SkinCare Specialists offers services related to minor skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. However, they don't diagnose dermatology conditions. Dockendorf says even though they don't diagnose conditions they can get a client on the right track for treatment.

"I had one gentleman come in last week, where he had some moles he wanted looked at. It ended up that they weren't moles at all, they were skin tags, which is an easy fix. That is something people can have done here, they don't need to wait six months to go into a dermatologist for skin tag removal."

The medical spa also works closely with other medical practices in the St. Cloud metro area. Dockendorf says they often give clients referrals for services offered outside of MN SkinCare Specialists.

"We work in conjunction with other providers. If someone needs a bluff, we send them over to the St. Cloud Eye Clinic. If they need to have a mole biopsied or tested, we set them up and refer them to one of the local dermatology providers."

Some of the other services MN SkinCare Specialists offers are laser hair removal, laser photo rejuvenation, body contouring, botox and fillers, as well as infrared therapies.

Dockendorf says one of their goals for the medical spa was to bring Twin Cities services to St. Cloud, with Central Minnesota prices.

"We attempt to keep our pricing more mainstream and affordable. Encouraging people to not think that these kinds of treatments or assessments are excessively costly. In the past, that may have been true but not anymore."

To see a full list of services, prices and how to make an appointment follow the link below.


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