ST. CLOUD -- With the start of summer officially here, experts are reminding you to talk with your kids about gun safety.

Wednesday is National Just Ask Day, a campaign designed to get parents to ask if there are unlocked firearms in the homes where your children play.

Dr. Kim Hellier is a Child Psychologist with CentraCare Health. She says parents should be starting these conversations with their kids as early as three years old.

"The conversation does evolve over time but it's important to start it early. Whether you're a family that engages in shooting sports or a family that doesn't have firearms in your home."

Every day eight kids are shot in unintentional gun shootings, which experts say could be prevented. Constant reminders, simple instructions and safety tips are an important step in preventing accidental shootings.

She says often times parents are unaware of their child's knowledge about guns.

"They tend to underestimate a child's knowledge of where firearms are stored and how to access them. And they tend to overestimate a child's maturity level with guns and knowledge and safety about there use."

If you would like to learn more you can talk with Dr. Hellier at Summertime by George at the St. Cloud Police stand.

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