Any time my dad went to the convenience store in 1993, there was a good chance that he was going to bring back some baseball cards. Scratch that- there was a 100% chance that he would bring back cards.

There was always something to chase: an Iooss Collection or Then and Now card in a pack of Upper Deck, a Diamond King in Donruss, Topps Gold in the Topps base set or First Day Production cards in Topps Stadium Club.

If we went to the cabin, we were scoping out the cards in all of the rural gas stations. If we went to the cities, we would stop by Shinder's or Target for our fix. There were cards everywhere and we were determined to buy them all.

If we hit a big one, we would either set up shop at a local card show, or we would bring it to Hall of Fame Card Shop in Apple Valley to wheel and deal with the owner, Tory.

The hottest cards at the time were the brand-new Upper Deck SPs, with FOIL rookies like Derek Jeter, Carlos Delgado and Manny Ramirez and die-cut inserts of the game's biggest stars.

One day, I pulled a Ken Griffey, Jr. Topps Stadium Club First Day Production card, which was considered to be very rare at the time. Book value had the card at around $150 or so. This was a great pull, because we knew that Tory had a weakness for Griffey cards.

A trade was made: the Griffey card straight up for a full box of Upper Deck SP packs. Tory got another Griffey for his collection, and we got an entire box of the hottest cards in the hobby to sit and open in our dining room that night.

So, how did the trade turn out, 27 years later? Well, let's see how much the Griffey sells for on Ebay right now. Looks like it's worth about $50.

Now, lets look at an unopened box of Upper Deck SP.

(searches on Ebay)

(sees boxes going for $3,500)

(throws up a little in mouth)

(brushes teeth)

Wow. $3,500! Too bad we didn't last two hours keeping that box unopened, let alone 27 years! I could have started a college fund for my kid!

Hall of Fame closed close to 20 years ago and is now called "The Ballpark" in Apple Valley. I wonder what ever happened to Tory and that Griffey card?

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