As you will see, most of the cards on my "favorites" list are almost completely worthless. I have neither the desire, nor the money, to be an actual "collector" of cards like the '52 Mantle or other cards in that class.

My all-time favorite card is a 1989 Topps Gary Gaetti, which is worth about $.07. For me, the memories are more important than the value.

As the story goes, seven-year-old Dave was in the backyard on the swing set when my dad came back from the gas station. He had in his hands a 1989 Topps rack pack.

I went through the cards searching for Jose Cansecos and Twins when I pulled a Gary Gaetti. I showed it to my dad and, for whatever reason, I will never forget his reaction.

"Wow! Not bad for a 75-cent pack of cards! Hang on to that one!"

His excitement was contagious, and I suddenly fell in love with that card. If I was trading with friends, it was off limits. If I was going to put some cards in my bike spokes, that card stayed home.

That card led to my lifelong love of cards and led to my dad and I collecting cards together all throughout my childhood, some of the best days of my entire life.

So, while this card may be "worthless" in the eyes of hard-core collectors, it will always hold a very fond place in my heart.

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