July just started and we have two months of summer left, never mind that the back to school ads are going to come out in a couple of weeks. Ignore them and follow these directions for a great summer.

Celebrate Anything

Every day can be a holiday, so pick one and celebrate. String up paper lanterns through the back yard, build little forts and tents with blankets, sheets and pillows and place luminaries all over, break out the speakers, hook up your phone or iPod, whip up some appetizers and mix up some sangria. Invite the neighbors and your best friends and it's an instant party.

Make a Wish List

What are some of the things you want to do this summer, and painting the deck doesn't count. This list should be all about fun. Take a family trip to the beach for a day, visit an amusement park, do a spa day with your mom and sisters, learn a new skill, and take a day trip to some place you've never been before may all be on the list and there are a lot of websites and resources out there to help you.

Savor the Season

Everyone can be the paparazzi with cameras on phones, they're everywhere. When you do your family outings, make sure to take a lot of pictures, but just don't forget to print them out. When you get your pictures back, buy a scrapbook and make a Summer of 2013 Family Memory Book, that way you can always look back and remember a great summer.

Date Night

Even if Mom and Dad can escape for just a couple of hours once per week, do it. Escape for just a cocktail and dessert, or ship the kids off to the neighbor's house and have strawberry shortcake and lemonade on the deck, it's a good time to talk to your spouse without interruption. No talking about kids or work, either. This is about reconnecting with your partner.

Eat Something on a Stick

Silverware? BAH! Eating something on a stick is very summertime. Whether you grill up some kabobs with shrimp, steak or chicken and vegetables or make rainbow colored fruit kabobs with some killer dipping sauce, who can resist food on a stick? Cake pops and doughnut holes make a cool fun way to eat dessert.

How Will You Have Your Best Summer Ever?