St. CLOUD -- Hope Luberda feels very fortunate to be an employee of St. Cloud Financial Credit Union.

Luberda, a mortgage processor, says CEO Jed Meyer has found numerous ways to show employees how much they matter during the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing statewide stay at home order.

Luberda says all employees of the credit union's six branches were treated to 12 days of takeout lunches from local restaurants - on Meyer's dime.

“He wanted to support those restaurants,” Luberda said. “Each branch got to pick the restaurant they wanted to order from that day, and he paid for it. So, it shows he cares about his employees, but he also cares about the local economy, He knew the restaurants were going to be hurting, just doing curbside."

Luberda says Meyer also arranged for each employee to receive a bonus on one of their recent paychecks, and has been a strong supporter of allowing them to work while supporting children involved with distance learning.

"He cares, and he wants to keep our momentum up and show us that we really do matter," Luberda said. "He told all the company leaders, ‘work with them and make sure they can work from home a couple weeks to do distance learning."

"He’s very active with his daughter and sons during this time of distance learning, helping them," she added. "So, he knows what it’s like.”

Luberda says Meyer's generosity has extended out of the workplace and into the St. Cloud community. She says Meyer spearheaded a recent outreach event, in conjunction with several area nonprofits and St. Cloud's Bonanza restaurant, to serve around 300 lunches to people in need.

“He really, really cares,” said Luberda. “He’s put so much thought into everything that he’s done. He knows there’s a great need in the community. And he’s so community-driven. It’s awesome.”

Luberda says Meyer consistently exhibits a very kind and down-to-earth demeanor.

“He’ll come around and talk to everybody, just to see how everybody’s doing,” she said. “He’s a humble guy. If you were to meet him on the street, you would never know he’s a CEO. He treats everyone with kindness. He treats everyone the same.”

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