The Minnesota Vikings debuted a new hype video produced in collaboration with the Minnesota Orchestra.

Snow fell in U.S. Bank Stadium Sunday, September 26 minutes before the Minnesota Vikings' 2021-2022 season home opener against the Seattle Seahawks. Of course, it wasn't real snow -- manufactured by 42 individual snow machines placed around and it didn't linger long in the temperature-controlled indoor stadium. But the special effect helped set the tone for the football season ahead and accompanied the new pre-game hype video created by the Vikings media team and Minnesota Orchestra.

"We’ve teamed up with the Minnesota Vikings on a special pregame video as fans return to U.S. Bank Stadium for the 2021 season," the Minnesota Orchestra said. The video features a new original piece called "Symphony of the North," composed by Tommy Barbarella, keyboardist and former member of The New Power Generation.

The hype video features epic shots of Vikings players, Minnesota Orchestra members and dazzling pyrotechnics.

"We knew we wanted something that everyone could touch, feel and see all the way around the stadium," Vikings Director of Entertainment Greg Bostrom said in a statement. "Just like people could feel the dragon's fireball from the 300 level, we wanted to bring the experience to everybody, not just people in the front row."

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"Any time you get asked to write something for one of the world's best orchestras, it's a no brainer. The answer is 'Absolutely,' " composer Tommy Barbarella, a native Minnesotan, told "The challenge was to do it all in 90 seconds. My background in composing for television commercials over the years definitely helped me in that regard."

Read more about the Minnesota Vikings working with the Minnesota Orchestra here.

"Symphony of the North" will play before every Vikings home game this season.

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