ST. CLOUD -- If the government shuts down Friday, many daycare providers and their low-income clients will suffer a serious financial blow.

Marcia Reagan runs a daycare out of her St. Cloud home. She says some of her families won't be able to pay for daycare if the state isn't cutting assistance checks.

Reagan says the state has informed the families that they will have to cover the cost of the daycare during a shutdown, but she says they wouldn't be on assistance if they could afford to pay it.  She says it is a "catch 22" for those low-income families.

But, the government shutdown would also impact her own family. Reagan says her family could weather a government shutdown for about a month until it would severely impact their finances. But, she says for low-income families any shut down will seriously impact their finances.

Reagan says the assistance won't be retroactive but food assistance checks would be.