You're at the cabin. It's raining. What do you do? One of my favorite rainy day family camping activities was playing cards and games. Here are a few of my favorites.


So many television shows are based around money, power, murder and who done it. Why not play a board game around it? The new Clue is a tad different than the old Clue that you're used to. No more revolver or lead pipe. It was replaced by poison. Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum have also been replaced, but it's still as fun as it was.

Apples to Apples

This one is great for everyone from Dad all the way down to the preschooler. Apples to Apples is super educational, but it's also fun. Players try and match a word on the table with the cards in their hands. One person judges whose word is closest, but judging moves around the table and everyone gets a turn. Up to 10 people can play and it's just really fun, especially if there's a misunderstanding on a word and someone comes up with something completely hilarious.


Oh how I wished so many times I could crash my car and switch occupations. I am a fan of Life, actually. Did you know that the game of Life is over 100 years old? The premise is still the same. Spin the wheel of fate, get a job, get married have kids and the one with the most money at the end of the game wins.


My mother and I are huge fans of Scrabble. We have the super duper edition with the wooden tiles, the grooves in the board and the turntable. We even have the dictionary, for crying out loud. We're serious. It's just like Words with Friends, only in real life. Scrabble is challenging, but it's still a ton of fun and it teaches spelling and math as you add up those triple word scores.


Has there ever been a game of Monopoly that hasn't ended in a crying fight? Still, lots of fun, it teaches business skills and to stay out of jail. Seriously, though, it's pure luck, roll the dice and strategy.