UNDATED -- Public utilities officials are asking you to remain diligent about running your water to prevent freezing water service lines.

You may have heard, the frost actually drives deeper into the ground briefly as the weather warms up. But, Assistant State Climatologist Pete Boulay says while the frost can go deeper, it's better described as a delay in the thawing process.  He says the frost can go deeper as the weather warms up above the surface, but adds, the cold waves still are working under the ground for awhile.

Boulay says when the weather warms above freezing consistently, the frost will actually begin thawing from both the top and bottom of the frost lines.

Boulay says there is quite a bit of frost underground yet. MnDOT frost monitoring sensors in Wright County, for example, shows the frost line at about 73 inches in Otsego. He says that can vary depending on snow cover.

Boulay also says frost always drives deeper under pavement than beneath your yard typically because of the lack of insulating snow cover.