I reached out on Princeton's Community Bulletin Board on Facebook and asked my friends and neighbors to tell me things about Princeton that people may not know or remember.  There were many great responses, but here are 5 things they mentioned that you may never have known about Princeton, or maybe just forgot.


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Anyone remember roller skating in Princeton?  Currently Princeton has Thunder Blades. But before that , Tonia mentioned that it was some kind of unclaimed freight location; and before that it was Moulton's Roller Palace.  Princeton's band director Ron Moulton started it back in the 80's, and I remember it well. What better person to start a roller skating palace than a band director?



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Speaking of skates, Bette had a vague memory of buying a pair of used skates in thee 1970s from a little shop in Princeton where the Princeton Library currently sits. Bette was right. Beth confirmed that August and Verle Kuhlman used to own a home where the library now sits, and they indeed had a shop in the basement. Joann remembers going there as well and getting a pair of shoes.



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Larry mentioned that there used to be Briar's Pool Hall, located between Nelson's Clothing and Hobert's Drug Store. Larry also mentioned there was a place called Woody's Jewelry next to the Knotty Pine Café.



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Wendy mentioned that the football field was originally at Riverside Park and the first golf course in Princeton was a rented spot at the fairgrounds.



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Number 5 on our list.  Kim mentioned The Feather Factory. The Feather Factory was southeast of Princeton about a mile and a half past the trailer court. Does anyone know more about this Feather Factory? What did they do? Make feather pillows? Pluck chickens?  I want to know more.


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I learned a few other really interesting things about locations around the city, and will have another post to follow. If you'd like to share information with me about Princeton, like the best places to visit in Princeton currently, hidden gems, or historical facts, send me your ideas to kelly.cordes@townsquaremedia.com.


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