I have to admit, that cake DOES look delicious doesn't it? But why in the world would anyone pay $20 per slice? Besides the cake being THAT good, it was also created for a good cause.

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The Kindness Cake Campaign is back at Jule's Bistro in St. Cloud. This month, the talented bakers at Jule's have created this one of a kind "Campfire Cake" to help our friends at Big Brothers Big Sisters of central Minnesota.

When you purchase a piece of Kindness cake for $20, $13 of that will be set aside for Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you have an event like a birthday, anniversary or reunion coming up, you could also purchase a whole cake if you wanted for $136, and $83 would go to Big Brothers Big Sisters. It's a win win. You get deliciousness in every bite, and Big Brothers Big Sisters gets a well deserved boost.

Photo by SavvyPhotage
Photo by SavvyPhotage


The Campfire Cake features pretzel Chantilly cream between layers and layers of chocolate hazelnut cake, that is covered in salted caramel buttercream frosting, and then topped off with a dark chocolate drip, caramel pretzel bark, and hand made toasted vanilla marshmallows.

Each cake for The Kindness Cake Campaign, is created for the specific group they are helping, and this cake was created with the idea of the kindness of a human relationship that Big Brothers Big Sisters can bring to someone, the kind of feelings you get when you're sitting around a warm campfire. Thus, the Campfire Cake was created.

This cake will be available for purchase all month long at Jule's Bistro, and then in October, there will be another organization recognized that needs our help. So now if someone asks you, "Would you pay $20 for a slice of cake?" You can say, "Why YES! I would."


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