ST. CLOUD -- Incumbent Tama Theis keeps her seat on the Minnesota House of Representatives for District 14A.

Theis beat out challenger Aric Putnam by a 52% to 48% vote. She says while she is excited keep her seat, overall it was a tough night for Republicans.

It's just been a different night then we expected. I'm looking at the House races and it's not looking good for a lot of our members and that's disappointing. I really expected to see a better turnout.

This was a rematch from two years ago when Theis beat Putnam by 10% of the vote.

Meanwhile, a big win for the Democrats in House District 14B as Dan Wolgamott will be the next State Representative. Wolgamott says he wouldn't have been able to win the election without the support of his wife, Nicole Wolgamott.

"She has poured her heart and soul into this campaign. She's an excellent doorknocker, an excellent listener and she is going to have a lot of input on the things that we look at and the things that we do. She has a great perspective, a mom's perspective, and I couldn't be more blessed to have such a supportive, hard-working and just wonderful partner."

Wolgamott defeated incumbent Republican Jim Knoblach 58% to 42%. Knoblach ended his campaign in late September, citing family reasons.

Over in District 13B, GOP incumbent Tim O'Driscoll won 64% to DFLer Heidi Everett's 35%. He says there's a lot of issues he's looking forward to working on in his next term.

"Got a lot of work we need to do on pensions. Our firefighters and relief associations, I also have some unfinished work on education. And of course, the number one thing we need to get squared away here in Minnesota is affordable healthcare."

And in a night where the DFL flipped the state house, the GOP held onto the seat made vacant by Jeff Howe's departure for the Senate. District 13A GOPer Lisa Demuth won over DFLer Jim Read with 61% of the vote. She says healthcare is her number one priority.

"What we heard overwhelmingly was the concerns over healthcare. The costs and insurance. The issue is state-wide but especially in 13A, those expenses are just a little difficult for everyone right now."

Tama Theis (Submitted Photo)
Dan Wolgamott (Photo: WJON)
Lisa Demuth (Photo: WJON)
Tim O'Driscoll (Photo: WJON)