Disc Golf is a sport played with specialized frisbees, which are thrown into chain link lined baskets from distances up to 400 yards away. Players use lighter discs for driving, and heavier ones for putting.

Courses are typically in public parks, in wooded areas with nice trails for walking, making it a good family sport.

Ken Wiggins is the owner of Midtown Coffee and Disc shop in St. Cloud. A disc golf enthusiast for over 40 years, he says that people of all ages enjoy disc golf.

Wiggins says when he played in the mid-80's in St. Cloud, it was just a core group of people hitting the links. Now, the number grows exponentially every year.

The disc golf season is finally in full swing after the snow melted and the muddy tee boxes dried out. The big Riverside Tournament is coming up in about two weeks, on June first. The tournament features nine different levels of competition and Wiggins says they typically sell out well in advance.

Wiggins maintains a website to keep local disc golf enthusiasts informed of upcoming league events and tournaments, and for golfers to share course condition information.