ST. CLOUD -- There will be a new city council member in St. Cloud's Ward 4. The two candidates were on the News @ Noon Show Wednesday.

One of the issues they addressed was the recent report that ranked St. Cloud as the worst city to live in in Minnesota. George Rindelaub says to him the numbers don't add up to support that claim.

Well, it was a disturbing report, but I think there was a lot of holes in the data.  The best example I can give is the crime statistics.  It was based on 65,000-68,000 people, but in reality, on any given day there's anywhere from 150,000-165,000 people in town.

Meanwhile, Mike Conway says while he says he doesn't completely agree with the report, we do need to take it seriously.

I think for us to not take those reports with some serious looking at and how can we provide the resources the police and sheriff's departments need, and coordinate some of those efforts.  So I think it's something we need to pay attention to.  I disagree that we're the worst, but I do think it brings some attention to some of the areas that we need to focus on.

Ward 4 is the southwest part of town as is geographically the largest ward in the city.

Current Ward 4 city council member Jeff Johnson is not running for re-election. Election day is coming up on Tuesday.

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