AVON -- The quiet town of Avon has quickly been thrown in the spot light after a police offer shot and killed the man responsible for Saturday night's attacks at a St. Cloud mall.

A news conference was held at Avon City Hall this (Monday) morning discussing Officer Jason Falconer who was the off duty officer that killed the man responsible for stabbing nine people inside Crossroads Center.

"In my opinion given Officer Falconer's training and abilities, he was the right person, at the right place, at the right time on Saturday night," says Avon Police Chief Corey Nellis.

Nellis says Falconer has been working part-time for the department since 2002 and was once the Police Chief in Albany. He adds Falconer is also one of his most experienced officers.

"He's a fire arms instructor for the city of Avon, he's a competitive shooter. If I was going to ask anyone to fire live rounds in a crowded mall, I would trust his abilities next to anybody's," says Nellis.

Surveillance tape from Macy's department store shows the suspect was shot three tiems. After each shot, the suspect stood up and attempted to attack Officer Falconer.

Nellis says due to how limited Officer Falconer works with the department, no leave of absence will be necessary.

However, he adds Falconer was a victim in this situation as well and asks that he is given some space.

"He needs time to cope. This is a very difficult decision and he was put in unfortunate circumstances, but I believe he was the person that needed to be there to prevent it from being worse," says Nellis.

Falconer was not at today's news conference. The White House says President Obama talked with Falconer commending him on the bravery and offered his gratitude.

Avon Police Officer Jason Falconer, photo courtesy of the Avon Police Department
Avon Police Officer Jason Falconer, photo courtesy of the Avon Police Department