After just two years of trying to conceive, Ashley and Eric were finally blessed to say their dreams came true and would soon become parents. At 30 years old and 32 weeks pregnant, Ashley noticed a lump the size of a walnut in her left breast. After multiple tests and at 34 weeks pregnant, she was diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer.

Ashley was induced at 35 weeks and delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl. Due to her pregnancy, Ashley was unable to have a PET scan and completed one a few days after delivery. The PET scan results showed additional spots on her liver. After an MRI confirmed the spots on her liver and later a liver biopsy, Ashley was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer.

Ashley traveled to the Mayo Clinic and Minnesota Oncology in Minneapolis for a second and third opinion after this devastating news. After a consultation, Ashley's diagnosis of Stage IV Breast Cancer was confirmed.

She started her first round of chemotherapy on Friday, June 2, 2017. Ashley receives chemo every three weeks for six sessions, she will start hormone therapy after chemo. She will have to be on HER2 Infusions for the remainder of her life.

Any and all donations for this wonderful family are greatly appreciated. All proceeds will go towards medical bills and any additional expenses.


For more information, please contact April Eyvindsson at 320-241-2627 or Holly Robatcek at 910-382-4514 or by emailing

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