SARTELL -- A sport played for over 500 years, now calls a 92-year-old Sartell resident champion.

Back in June, Violet Halverson earned the Gold Medal in the national shuffleboard competition in the National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

"There were 18 board they used and they assigned you to your opponent. The first lady I played against my first shot went in the kitchen and I lost the game. But then I went on from there to win it all."

Her love for the sport began in the 1970's when she would winter in Arizona with her late husband.

"My husband had a heart problem and doctors recommended we avoid the Minnesota winters. I found the game and they were really good teachers."

For Halverson shuffleboard was only a winter sport, until a tournament at the Whitney Senior Center qualified her in the senior games.

"There was no one in my age group so I got a gold medal anyways to move on."

Since bringing home the gold, Halverson has become a local celebrity. She is even drawing interest to become a shuffleboard instructor at the Whitney Center.

"I'd be happy to help anyone who wants to play."

And as for where the sport will take her next, she says she doesn't plan to slow down anytime soon.

(Photo: Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)
(Photo: Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

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