ST. CLOUD -- Another night of short talks over cocktails has been planned for Wednesday night. St. Cloud's third installment of PechaKucha (pa-CHA-cu-CHA) is on the main stage of the Red Carpet.

Organizer TJ Larum says while St. Cloud is the first city in Minnesota to host these events, it is a worldwide phenomenon.

It originated in Tokyo with a number of engineers who just wanted to showcase some of their photos of their ideas.  What they found was given a spotlight engineers would talk for hours on end.  So, they wanted to come up with a way to keep it trim.

Larum says they have seven presenters lined-up for tomorrow (Wednesday) night, they each will have 20 slides viewed for 20 seconds, for a total time on the stage of 6:40 minutes.

The event is free to attend. It starts at 7:00 p.m.