ST. CLOUD -  Hiring a bullying prevention specialist, reducing class sizes and more staffing are included in just over $1.6 million of proposed District 742 strategic plan spending for next year.

The funding is included in the district's proposed strategic plan budget and would represent a small portion of the projected $124.5 million budget for the 2016 fiscal year.  The district spent the same amount of money this year on their strategic plan goals.

The bullying prevention specialist would focus on North and South Junior High Schools. The district says their highest levels of bullying happen at the middle schools.

About $550,000 of the funding would go towards managing and reducing class sizes. The money would go to schools who have lower funding from the state.

Funds would also be given for a K-5 emotional behavioral disabilities program at the Roosevelt Education Center. The program would offer mental health services, social emotional instruction and behavioral intervention. Two teachers would be hired for the program.

The plan also suggests adding 10 more days of staff time for principals at three area focus and priority schools (Talahi Community School, Madison Elementary, Discovery Community School).

Of the $1.6 million proposed strategic plan spending, $109,500 would be reimbursed by the state, leaving an overall cost of $1.5 million for the district.

District 742 will review and take action on its 2016 budget later this month.