St. Cloud Area School District

District 742 Sees Enrollment Increase
Enrollment is up in the St. Cloud area school district. Total enrollment this school year is at 10,147, which is 286 students more than they had last year. However, it is still fewer students than they had in 2014 and 2015.
Repurposing Tech Site Could Cost $8-$10 Million
A proposal to repurpose a portion of Tech High School if a referendum passes this fall would likely cost between $8 to $10 million, according to District 742 Superintendent Willie Jett. The district unveiled a proposal for the historic site earlier this month if a referendum passes for a new Tech Hi…
Tutors Still in Demand For St. Cloud Area Schools
There's still a need for tutors in the St. Cloud Area School District this upcoming school year. An email from the Minnesota Reading and Math Corps says there's still a need for around 30 tutors in District 742 for the upcoming school year.

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