ST. CLOUD - Two groups with opposing views are clashing in St. Cloud this week, and the VFW Post 428 has been caught in the middle.

The conflict started on Tuesday when speaker Ron Branstner was scheduled to speak at the VFW. He's been a controversial figure because of his views on immigration. A group with opposing views was planning a protest outside the VFW during the speech. When the VFW found out about the nature of the speaker, and the protest, they cancelled Branstner's event. However, about 50 to 80 people still showed-up on Tuesday night and held a meeting anyway with speaker Bob Enos of Willmar who has similar views.

VFW Post 428 Commander Ken Schwagel says the group was quiet and orderly. But, opposition spokeswoman Jane Conrad says she feels like they were lied to about the event being cancelled.

Conrad says they're now organizing a new rally this Saturday at 1:00 p.m. outside the VFW. Conrad says they support the troops, and they support the veterans, but they don't like that Branstner's supporters were allowed to meet there.

Schwagel says the protesters will be asked to leave on Saturday, if they come on to the VFW parking lot. Meanwhile, he says he's heard a group called the "American Legion Riders" are planning to bring about 30 people to St. Cloud on Saturday and stand with American flags outside the VFW.

Flyer posted by the Conrad's group