ST. JOSEPH - The Welcome to St. Joseph sign could be removed in the near future.

The city received a request from the attorney of property owner Mike Deutz to remove the sign from his property.

The request was sent to the city on December 17th and gives the city 30 days to remove the sign, located on Old Highway 52.

The sign has been at the location since the spring of 1996. City documents say it was built by the St. Joseph Lion's Club and donated to the city. The city agreed to complete maintenance and pay for electricity, but records don't indicate the sign was accepted by the city.

Previous city council minutes don't clarify if the city or the Lion's Club are the owners of the sign.

A letter to the city says the sign is located on private property. The request says that Deutz Housing, LLC, revokes the permission it previously gave the city to maintain the sign on the property.

The city discussed the future of the sign during their council meeting on Monday night. City administrator Judy Weyrens says the council has tabled the action on the sign and will be requesting more time from Deutz to make a decision.

The city will plan to meet with the Lion's Club to clarify who has responsibility of the sign.

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