MINNEAPOLIS -- As the National Football League playoffs get underway this weekend, demand for tickets to the Super Bowl will go even higher.

StubHub spokesman Cameron Popp says the fact that the game is being played in Minneapolis -- a cold weather city -- hasn't negatively impacted interest from fans. But, he says so far a majority of the ticket sales have been from Minnesota.

So right now the market for Minnesota, about 30 to 40 percent of the sales are coming from the Minnesota market.  So that could just be local fans that are saying I just want to go to the Super Bowl no matter what, it's a bucket list event.  Or, it could be hopeful Vikings fans, it's tough to tell.

For many Vikings fans just seeing our team in the Super Bowl would be great. Watching that game in person at U.S. Bank Stadium would be a dream come true. However, making that dream become a reality -- should that happen -- is going to cost you big bucks. Popp says tickets to the big game are pricey.

The cheapest ticket on StubHub is going for just over $3,000 for the Super Bowl.  Obviously, that's a premium price for an event, but the Super Bowl is by far the most in-demand event that StubHub has.

And, if you want to upgrade your seat to a little better spot.

The average ticket price that we've sold so far on StubHub is going for around $5,000.  That's going to get you an upper sideline middle corner seat at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Popp says he expects fans from other teams in the playoffs to start buying tickets as their teams advance through each round. He says teams that rarely make the playoffs -- like Jacksonville -- tend to have a higher demand for tickets, as opposed to teams that are in the Super Bowl more consistently -- like New England.

Popp says StubHub guarantee every ticket on their site. And as far as tips to make sure you don't get scammed, Popp says no matter what site you use to buy your tickets you should make sure it's a trusted source, they have a customer service number you can call with questions, and they offer a full guarantee on their tickets.

Super Bowl 52 will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday, February 4th

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