ST. CLOUD -- A prominent St. Cloud flower and gift shop will be moving from its downtown location.

St. Cloud Floral will be moving from its current location on West St. Germain Street to the former St. Cloud Family Restaurant building in the Midtown Square Mall.

The business has been in its downtown spot for nearly 25 years. Owner Rhoda Paurus says the new building will better fit their growing needs.

"We're really excited to be moving to a spot that is a little bit bigger than the spot we have now, it's also centrally located so I think it will have much easier access for people, visibility is a little bit better and we're very excited that there is lots of parking."

Parking has become a concern for St. Cloud Floral. Paurus says unfortunately the construction projects over the past two years have made parking challenging for customers.

"It sounds kind of silly because they [City of St. Cloud] did build the new parking ramp that is right outside our back door but for people who are just coming in for a 15 or 20 minute stop to pick something up, which is what a lot of our customers do, that doesn't seem to be working well for them, they would really like to be able to park on the street or just run in."

St. Cloud Floral is in the process of renovating their new location and they hope to move in, in September. With the larger space Paurus plans on hiring more staff. Right now St. Cloud Floral has 10 employees during the non-holiday season and about 20 employees during the holiday season. Paurus says floral holiday season typically runs from December through May.

The flower shop will be keeping its same phone number. Their new address will be 3333 West Division Street, Suite 116. St. Cloud Floral was established in 1912.

St. Cloud Floral, photo by's Alex Svejkovsky
St. Cloud Floral, photo by's Alex Svejkovsky



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