ST. CLOUD -- This time of isolation can be a difficult hill to climb for people either battling a substance use disorder or in recovery and are cut off from their social circles.

Breanna Bouley is the Director of Addiction Services at CentraCare. She says they've seen a growing demand for their services since the pandemic began.

We've definitely seen an increase in our referrals and the need for these services. I think some of our folks are tending to stay in our programs longer than they normally would during these times.

She says with the growing amount of stress the virus brings, they've made a point to check in with clients on a daily basis and provide coping measures to help patients from relapsing.

Bouley says while the face-to-face interaction is limited, there are many free online options.

The apps and online meetings can be found anywhere. They don't require a meeting with us first to access them.

Bouley says the best advice during this stay-at-home period is to reach out and talk to someone.

She says they are still taking referrals and meeting with patients via teleconference. If you want more information you can call 320-251-2700 ext. 23752 .

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