I keep finding shows on cable that revolve around Minnesota, at least for an episode or two. Earlier this week, Investigation Discovery debuted Season 7 of Murder in the Heartland and it revolved around the search for a Cloquet woman's killer. The case not only puzzled residents of Cloquet but also local police and the media. Finally, after 12 years, justice was delivered for Trina Langenbrunner.

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In the Season 7 debut, the show revolves around the year 2000 violent murder of an indigenous woman near Cloquet. Trina Langenbrunner was found "brutally stabbed to death in a gravel pit near the Fond du Lac Reservation in Minnesota" in September of 2000. It took St. Louis County investigators, Cloquet residents, and members of the Fond du Lac Reservation working together to solve the case 12 years later.

The man who was found guilty of murder, 41-year-old Joseph Couture of Cloquet was arrested in 2012 after his ex-wife took back her previous statement she gave investigators, years earlier, while she was still married to Couture.

To me, it was really an interesting watch, as it was just 20 years ago that this murder happened and just about 10 since the killer was arrested but sadly I don't remember it happening at the time.

The show, according to its page on Investigation Discovery's website, is described as:

Middle-American townspeople hold the clues to help solve the murders that have forever changed their lives and how they understand their home.

The show airs on Wednesday nights at 8pm, on Investigation Discovery, with another new episode expected next week.

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